Policies at Wingrave Pre-School

Below is a list of policies in place at Wingrave Pre-School. They are available on request.

  • Safeguarding Children
    • Children’s rights and entitlements
    • Safeguarding children and child protection
    • Looked after children
    • Confidentiality and client access to records
    • Information sharing
    • Missing child
    • Supervision of children on outings and visits
    • Maintaining children’s safety and security on premises
    • Making a complaint
  • Equality of opportunity
    • Valuing diversity and promoting equality
    • Achieving positive behaviour
  • Promoting health and hygiene
    • Animals in the setting
    • Administering medicines
    • Managing children with allergies, or who are sick or infectious
    • Nappy changing
    • No-smoking Policy
    • Food and drink
    • Lunch Club Policy
    • First Aid
  • Employment
    • Employment and staffing
    • Induction of staff, volunteers and managers
    • Student placements
  • Health and safety
    • Risk assessment
    • Health and safety general standards
    • Fire safety and emergency evacuation
    • Food hygiene
    • Sun Protection Policy
  • Administration
    • Admissions
  • Child care practice
    • The role of the key person and settling-in
  • Partnership
    • Parental involvement
    • Working in partnership with other agencies
  • Record keeping
    • Children’s records
    • Provider records
  • Fees

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